Saturday, December 14, 2013


This tutorial assumes you have working knowledge of PSP.
I am using PSP9 but I'm sure all versions would work.
This tutorial is owned by me,
from my own creativity and no one else's.
Do not copy or claim as your own.
Any similarity to any other tutorial is simply coincidence
and not done purposely.

scrap kit of choice
I used “Midnight 2”
by AmyMarie
tube of choice
I used
a beautiful one by Barbara Jensen
you must have a license to use her art
mask of choice
I used #426
by Insatiable Dreams
font of choice
I used BeauRivageTwo
this is a pay font
template of choice
I used #428 by Millie Gomez

Lets begin
start by making a duplicate of your template
shift+D to duplicate
close your original
layer one (beige circle)
selections, select all, float, defloat
add new raster layer
paste paper 8 into selection
select none
delete old layer
inner bevel
drop shadow of choice
I used 2V1H 70op 7B
layer two (left green square)
repeat steps for previous layer
paper 10
layer three (right green square)
repeat steps
paper 10
layer four (red square)
repeat steps
paper 17
layer five (brown rectangle)
repeat steps
paper 7
layers six and seven (beige squares)
repeat steps for both
paper 9
copy and paste tube of choice
copy and paste any elements you wish
I used the following elements
see tag for placement
element 27
resize 70%
duplicate, mirror, merge down
duplicate, flip, merge down
bring this layer to the bottom of tag
element 43
resize 30%
drop shadow both layers
element 9
resize 50%
drop shadow
element 79
resize 20%
duplicate x 3
place on all four corners of frame
see tag for placement
drop shadow all layers
element 32
resize 40%
free rotate left 30 degrees
drop shadow
elements 30 and 31
resize 20%
duplicate both
drop shadow all 4 layers
element 63
duplicate, mirror, merge down
duplicate, flip, merge down
send to bottom just above frame layer
element 110
element 112
duplicate, flip
copy and paste paper 6
move to bottom
use mask of choice
I used one by insatiable dreams
source luminance, fit to layer
merge group
add artist copyrights, add your name
merge visible, save as a png
you are done

Thank you for trying my tutorial.

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