Sunday, January 5, 2014


This tutorial assumes you have
working knowledge of PSP.
I am using PSP 9 but I'm sure all versions
would work the same.
This tutorial is owned by me,
from my own creativity and ideas.
Do not steal and copy as your own.
Any similarity to any other tutorial is simply coincidence
and not done purposely.

Scrap kit “Masquerade” by Grunge and Glitter
Tube “Roxy” by
Designs by Norella
Font I used
was Daddy Long Lags NF

Lets begin
start by making a 650x650 transparent canvas
you can always resize it layer to your liking
Copy and paste frame 1 element
free rotate right 90 degrees
use magic wand and click inside frame
modify, expand by 6
add new raster layer
copy and paste paper 2 into selection
move this layer behind frame layer
select none
drop shadow frame
I used 2V 1H 70op 4B
copy and paste clock element
resize 50%
place in frame, see tag for placement
drop shadow
copy and paste metal flourish
resize 75%
place on top left of frame
see tag for placement
duplicate, flip
duplicate, mirror
duplicate, flip
drop shadow all layers
copy and paste gift 1
resize 50%
place on bottom right of frame
drop shadow
copy and paste gift 2
resize 60%
drop shadow
copy and paste mask 1
resize 20%
place in front of gifts
drop shadow
copy and paste butterfly 1
resize 50%
I used Eye Candy-Gradient glow
to make the butterfly stand out
you don't have to use this if you don't want to
I used 3 width and #ffffff color
duplicate, mirror
drop shadow on both
copy and paste butterfly 2
resize 50%
duplicate, mirror
arrange wherever you like
drop shadow both
copy and paste violin
resize 75%
drop shadow
copy and paste bow 1
resize 40%
place middle top of frame
drop shadow
copy and paste flower 1
resize 30%
place over bow
drop shadow
copy and paste your tube
arrange and resize to your liking
drop shadow
add artists copyrights, add your name
merge visible, save as a png
you are done

Thank you for trying my tutorial

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