Monday, January 6, 2014


This tutorial assumes you have
working knowledge of PSP.
I am using PSP 9 but I'm sure all versions
would work the same.
This tutorial is owned by me,
from my own creativity and ideas.
Do not steal and copy as your own.
Any similarity to any other tutorial is simply coincidence
and not done purposely.

Scrap kit “Nixie Faery Series”
by Kittie's Sinful Designz
Tube I used came with the scrap kit
by LKDesigns
Template #295 by Millie
Font I used was
Scarborough ITC

Lets begin
Make a duplicate of the template
shift+D to duplicate
close the original
delete the credits layer
layer one
select all, float, defloat
add new raster layer
copy and paste paper 1 into selection
select none
inner bevel

delete old layer
drop shadow of choice
I used 2V 1H 70op 4B
repeat these steps on the rest of the layers of the template
layer two-paper 1
layer three-paper 16
layer four-paper 16
layer five-paper 6
layer six-paper 10
layer seven-paper 18
layer nine-paper 15
layer ten-paper 14
for layers eight, eleven and twelve
drop shadow
keep layer 14 selected
copy and paste one of the poser fairies
arrange to your liking
invert, delete
drop shadow
copy and paste bubbles
resize 60%
place on left of previous element (fairy)
see tag for placement
duplicate, mirror
copy and paste glitter beads
place on upper right of tag
duplicate, mirror
duplicate, flip
duplicate, mirror
copy and paste glitter doodle
place on lower left of tag
see tag for placement
duplicate, mirror, merge down
duplicate, flip, merge down
copy and paste butterfly 4
resize 30%
free rotate left 20 degrees
adjust, sharpen
duplicate, mirror
arrange where you like or
see tag for placement
drop shadow both layers
copy and paste tube of choice
resize and arrange to your liking
drop shadow
add artists copyrights, add your name
merge visible, save as a png
you are done

Thank you for trying my tutorial.


  1. Hi.... Are you doing tag offered for this creation....?
    If so... How do I get one?
    Thank you, Donna

    1. I don't offer my tags for request anymore Im sorry. I can't keep up with the many requests I get. Last time I offered a tag I got almost 100 people requesting. LOL I will however make an exception this time hun, leave your email address so I can send it to you. I am glad you like it. Please be sure to follow my blog for updates to when I post new tutorials and freebies :)