Monday, October 26, 2015


This tutorial assumes you have working knowledge of PSP.
I am using PSPX8, but I am sure all versions would be pretty much the same.
This tutorial is owned by me, created from my own mind, creativity and ideas.
Do not steal and copy as your own.
Any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental and not done purposely.

Kit Used
“Bardeaux Kisses” by Dees Design Depot
Tube by Alex Prihodko at PFD
You must have a license to use this tube.
Template 164 by Pooker
Masks used
143 and 27 by Vaybs
363 by Vix
143 by Gems
Font I used was Dear Joe 4
Drop Shadow
4V 4H 45Op 8B

Lets begin
Shift D to duplicate template
Close original
Delete credit and background layers
Lt purple circle layer
Select all, float
Add new raster layer
Copy and paste paper 12 into selection
Select none
Purple circles layer
Same as previous layer
Paper 13
Lt pink circles layer
Paper 11
White circle layer
Paper 15
Lt purple circle layer
Paper 12
Delete all old layers 
 drop shadow
Gold spray layer
Spray 5
Resize 75 %
Duplicate, mirror, flip, merge down
Duplicate this layer
Free rotate right 45 degrees
Adjust, sharpen
Merge down
Send to bottom of tag
Red spray layer
Spray 6
Do the same as previous layer
Place just above gold spray layer
Copy and paste all following elements to your liking
Or see tag for placement
Element 5
Resize 50%
Element 78
Resize 30%
Duplicate x3
Element 44
Resize 75%
Duplicate x3
Element 20
Resize 55%
Duplicate x3
Element 47
Resize 55%
Element 100
Resize 55%
Copy and paste element 99
Resize 45%
Elements 1, 9, 92, 88, 89, 98B
Resize all at 50%
Element 3
Resize 30%
Elements 18 and 41
Resize 30%
Element 42
Resize 505
Elements 66, 68,72, 74
Resize all at 30%
For each mask layer
Load mask, source luminance, fit to layer
Merge group
Paper 13
Mask 143 DBV
Paper 15
Mask 363 Vix
Paper 14
Mask 9 by Gems
And lastly
Paper 11
Mask 27 by DBV
Drop Shadow all layers
Add copyright information, your name
Merge visible, save as a png
Open 600x250 transparent canvas
Copy and paste merged tag
Resize and arrange to your liking
Leave as is or copy and paste paper 12 for background
Add borders
4 pixels
000000 color
Add borders
4 pixels
530827 color
Add copyright information, your name
Merge visible, save as a png
Open 150x150 transparent canvas
Do same as for forum sig
I resized the merged tag 50%
You can resize to your liking or leave as is
Arrange as you like or see avi for example
Add borders
4 pixels
#000000 color
Add borders
4 pixels
#530827 color
Since this is a small space and
You are only using scraps, you don’t have to add any copyright info
Unless, you are using any tube in your avi.
If so merge visible
Save as a png and you are done!
Thank you for trying my tutorial

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