Monday, January 18, 2016


This tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge of PSP
I am using PSP X8 but I am sure these directions would
work in all versions. This tutorial is of my own creation
Do not steal and copy as your own. Any similarity to any other
tutorial is purely coincidence and not done purposely.

Scrapkit "Lady Soul" by Chili Designz
Tube used by Rachel Anderson at CDO
you must have a license to use her art
Masks I used were
From the heart # 10 by Chas
DD NFM 2014 #4 by Dee's Design Depot
#36 by Design's By Vaybs
Big Mask #5 by Vix
Font I used was 2Peas Steele

Lets begin
open 650x650 transparent canvas
see tag for proper placement of all following elements
frame 2
resize 75%
use magic wand to click inside frame
modify, expand by 10
add new raster layer
copy and paste paper 6 into selection
select none
resize 65%
flower 10
resize 65%
free rotate 30 degrees to the right
adjust sharpen
duplicate, mirror, duplicate flip
duplicate, mirror
resize 65%
duplicate, flip, mirror
free rotate 90 degrees to the right
adjust, sharpen
duplicate, mirror
duplicate, mirror, merge down
duplicate, flip, merge down
send to bottom of tag
sparkles 5
resize 65%
duplicate, mirror, merge down
duplicate, flip, merge down
move to just above previous layer
copy and paste tube
resize and place as desired
perfume 1 and 2
resize 50%
lipstick, polish and brush
resize 45%
free rotate brush 75 degrees to the right
adjust, sharpen
flower 9
resize 50%
duplicate, mirror
free rotate 60 degrees to the right
lamp and key
reisze 50%
load all following masks
source luminance, fit to layer
paper 6, from the heart by chas
paper 7, Dee's Mask
paper 14 #36 by DBV
paper 11 Big mask 5 by Vix
after each mask is loaded merge group
add your copyright info, add your name
merge visible, save as a png
you are done!
Thank you for trying my tutorial
-Princesa 2016

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