Monday, February 15, 2016


This tutorial assumes you have working knowledge of PSP.
I am using PSP X8 but I am sure all versions work the same.
This tutorial is owned by me do not steal and claim as your own.
Any similarity between any other tutorial is purely coincidence.

Scrapkit "Love In The Orient" by Designz by Vi
Tube used by Angelica S. included in scrapkit
Masks used
#156 by Designs by Vaybs
#80 by Moonbeams and Spiderwebs
#76 by Mizteeques
Font used was Clipper Script Personal use
Drop Shadows
4V 4V 35op 6B

Lets begin
open 650x650 transparent canvas
copy and paste all follwing elements as shown on tag
element 41
resize 40%
element 53
resize 40%
duplicate, mirror, duplicate
free rotate right 60 degrees
adjust, sharpen
duplicate, flip, mirror
free rotate left 60 degrees
duplicate, flip
merge all
use magic wand and click inside frame
add new raster layer
modify, expand by 20
copy and paste paper 4 into selection
copy and paste tube
resize and arrange as desired
select none
move paper layer behind frame
element 16
resize 50%
duplicate, mirror
element 52
resize 20%
duplicate, flip
element 90
resize 40%
element 97
resize 30%
element 74
resize 40%
element 73
resize 35%
element 121
resize 50%
load all masks as follows
source luminance, fit to layer, merge group
paper 5
DBV 156
paper 11
MB and SW 80
paper 2
MIZ 76
add copyright info, add name
merge all visible, save as a png
you are done.
Thank you for trying my tutorial
-Princesa 2016

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